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Site Hosting

A web host provides a location for web files to reside, manages your domain name, and provides other services such as e-mail and logging. If there is a problem with your web host, your site can be unavailable.

Burney Web Services will help you arrange for first-class, Linx-based virtual web hosting at low rates. We will cusomize your hosting to your business needs. Some services include:


Do you already have a site that just needs minor, occasional updates? Burney Web Services can set up a retainer agreement that suits your needs at a very reasonable rate.

System Administration

Do you have more complex needs that require more extensive administration? Burney Web Services has been administering Unix, Linux and Mac OS X servers for many years. We can work with you on an agreement hourly/monthly system administration work.

More Information?

For more information about Burney Web Services' site hosting, management, or administration, contact via e-mail or by telephone at: (978) 505-7961