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Burney Web Services is well versed in many programming languages that can be used to make your site more interactive, to let you communicate with other business, to publish data from your data sources, let update your own site, and more. Anything is possible with programming.

We specialize in both Object Oriented and Procedural styles of programming. Our technology choices are determined based on your business needs rather than a strict adherence to a particluar philosophy.

Languages and Technologies

Burney Web Services not only expertly create interactivity for websites, but also create complete internet enabled applications. We currently develop using the following languages and technologies.

PHP is an extremely fast web scripting language, used to generate dynamic content based on user input, gather and manipulate images and data from databases, communicate over internet protocols and more. Most web hosts support this technology.

Burney Web Services has extensive expertise in PHP, including CMS systems such as Drupal and frameworks like Code Igniter. We have also developed numerous custom frameworks and managment systems for clients.
JavaScript and AJAX
JavaScript is a programming tools that works in your web browser, without need for a server based language. With it, a developer can control a user's browser, causing it to open new windows, swap in images and show or hide layers at the click of the mouse. AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) allows you to make your web applications more like real applications, with a user's actions pushing data to and pulling data from a server without needing a full page refresh.

Burney Web Services has expertise in developing JavaScript based interactive web pages and games. We leverage the powerful jQuery and YUI libraries to give you the best value.
Perl is the Swiss Army Knife of programming. With it, anything is possible. It is usually the best option for creating portable scripts that do a lot of data manipulation or text parsing.
XML is a standard that allows for an easy interchange of data.
Commonly referred to as "web services," SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC use open standards to let web applications communicate with one another. These systems are vital when your content needs to draw data from a third-party source such as a stock tracker.
ActionScript is the language used in Adobe Flash. ActionScript is necessary to develop truly interactive Flash content, including form processing, games, and web service integration.
Unix and Linux Shell Scripting
Bourne, bash, and tcsh shell scripts are used on a variety of unix/linux machines to make them more efficient to administer. Burney Web Services has substantial experience using these tools to glue backend systems together.

More Information?

For more information about Burney Web Services' programming, contact via e-mail or by telephone at: (978) 505-7961