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-- Color changer script for use with web development in BBEdit -- Hacked together by Paul Burney ( in April 2005 -- with various pieces of code found on mailing lists set original_color to selection of window 1 as string if original_color = "" then beep else --display dialog change_case(original_color, "lower") as string set original_color_rgb to hex2rgb(change_case(original_color, "upper")) --display dialog original_color_rgb as string set new_color to choose color default color original_color_rgb --display dialog new_color as string set new_color_hex to rgb2hex(new_color) --display dialog new_color_hex as string set selection of window 1 to new_color_hex as string end if property hexdigits : "0123456789ABCDEF" on rgb2hex(RGBcolor) return (makeHex((item 1 of RGBcolor) div 256, 2)) & (makeHex((item 2 of RGBcolor) div 256, 2)) & (makeHex((item 3 of RGBcolor) div 256, 2)) end rgb2hex on hex2rgb(HEXcolor) set HEXcolor to two_chunkize(HEXcolor) set converted to {} repeat with z in HEXcolor set dec to 0 set z to reverse of (z's text items) repeat with i from 1 to count z try set x to (offset of (z's item i) in hexdigits) - 1 on error exit repeat end try set dec to dec + (x * (16 ^ (i - 1))) * 256 end repeat set sum to dec div 256 set dec to dec + sum -- adjust plain decimal to base 256 set converted to converted & dec end repeat return converted end hex2rgb on makeHex(dec, nDigits) --Converts an arbitrary unsigned decimal integer to a hexadecimal value set s to "" repeat nDigits times set s to character ((dec mod 16) + 1) of hexdigits & s set dec to (dec div 16) end repeat return s end makeHex on two_chunkize(HEXcolor) set chunkizado to {} set i to 1 repeat try set chunkizado to chunkizado & (HEXcolor's items i thru (i + 1) as string) on error exit repeat end try set i to i + 2 end repeat return chunkizado end two_chunkize property letters_uc : (characters of "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZÆŒØ?") property letters_lc : (characters of "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzæœø?") on change_case(the_string, convert_case) if convert_case = "lower" then set search_chars to letters_uc set replace_chars to letters_lc else set search_chars to letters_lc set replace_chars to letters_uc end if set return_string to "" repeat with i from 1 to (count of characters of the_string) set string_char to (character i of the_string) if search_chars contains string_char then repeat with j from 1 to (count of search_chars) if (item j of search_chars) = string_char then set return_string to return_string & (item j of replace_chars) exit repeat end if end repeat else set return_string to return_string & string_char end if end repeat return return_string as string end change_case